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PTE Fill In The Blanks Tips, Tricks & Sample Practice Material

PTE write from dictation questions is the last task in the last section of PTE Listening. The candidate will listen to a short audio clip consisting of one or two sentences, and they have to type that sentence in a response box.

PTE Essay Writing Tips, Guide & Sample Practice Material

PTE Essay writing is one of the difficult and challenging tasks in PTE exam, not only for non-native English speaker but some of the native speakers has been failed to clear PTE Writing Module. You have to write an essay of 200 to 300 words on a random topic which…

Rules For The Summraize Spoken Text Task In PTE Exam

Do you know “Summarize Spoken Text” is one of the high-tier tasks in the PTE exam? If you are an excellent listener, you are an excellent speaker indeed because your speaking ability is directly proportional to your listening ability. In this article of around six hundred words, we will discuss…

Comprehensive PTE Listening Guide | Essential Tips for Success in PTE Listening

In PTE Listening Module, in each task, you will be provided with a short audio recorded clip; the candidate has to answer each task from that clip. The topics will be related to basic general knowledge such as animals, nature, science, or humanity. In this guide, we are going to…