Do you know “Summarize Spoken Text” is one of the high-tier tasks in the PTE exam? If you are an excellent listener, you are an excellent speaker indeed because your speaking ability is directly proportional to your listening ability. In this article of around six hundred words, we will discuss the tips & rules to attempt the summarize spoken text that can help you get your desired marks in the section.

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About the Summarize Spoken Text

In this task, you have to summarize the 300 words long text in 50 to 70 words in 10 minutes. You just have to focus on the writing as the word counts & cut/paste options are enabled while doing this task. 

It is highly recommended that you listen to the audio recording carefully as you will only listen to the voice once.

Marking Criteria

In your summarize spoken text task, you will be scored on your sentence formation, grammar & spelling, and the vocabulary you used in summary. So, you should have at least 2 minutes, in the end, to see if there is any mistake or miswritten spelling, and recheck the whole written summary.

Rules & Tips: 

There are a few tips to attempt your summarize spoken text task effectively. Here they are: 

Listen with utmost concentration: 

Since you have to listen to the audio first & present it in words, the first tip is you should be mentally present and focused on that 60-90 seconds long voice note. You must “listen” instead of “hearing” as listening involves focusing and, then, expressing things when needed.  


Plan your time: 

While practising before the exam, you must need to plan your that 10-minutes in a manner that you can complete the summary at least one minute before the last minute. 


Make use of the notepad:

Before starting the exam, make sure your pen and notepad are ready, and you start noting the words – not write each & every word you hear but the punch lines so you may have a better idea & a clear picture to write a summary. 

If any supportive idea comes up in your mind during the listening part, you can note it in your symbols or words or any identification that helps you to remind that idea while writing. 

Your whole summary depends on the notes you made, so make sure your notes are organized to recognize your notes and write the summary accordingly. 


Recall the idea immediately:

Once the audio is finished, the reverse timer of 10 minutes will start. At this point, you must have to recall the idea you listened to in the audio. 

If you start without revising the idea, you may miss out, leading you to waste time. 


Write a rough response:

Once you complete your thought process, write down the rough sketch of your summarized text to have more grip on the content. This will help you make a clear picture, and you can turn this rough paragraph into the actual summary – even a perfect summary.  


Recheck the Grammar, Spellings & Vocabulary: 

You are now all set to go, but before moving on, you must have to read carefully & thoroughly what you have written. Check the grammar, spellings, vocabulary and sentence structures you kept in summary and once you are satisfied with it, move to the next part then. 



If you get good points in summarize spoken test, you may get your desired result as well. It doesn’t mean your desired result only depends on the summarized spoken task; you have to prepare all the sections in your PTE exam before the actual exam. So do a good practice at home and hire an expert educator who can guide you along your PTE journey.