PTE Retell Lectures question type is one of the most weightage tasks in the PTE Speaking module, It also contributes to the PTE listening module. The candidate has to listen to the audio clip provided to him and retell what they have heard in the audio. Sometimes, candidates will be given video lectures or a picture with an audio lecture to explain. Because Pte study guide to all student is perfect for their future. While the visuals are helpful to understand the context, but the main focus in PTE Retell lectures is the audio clip. So Listen to the audio carefully.

How PTE Retell Lectures Works.

PTE Retell Lectures are very simple questions, The candidate will be provided an audio clip, that will be 60 to 90 seconds long. While listening to the audio clip you are allowed to take notes of the lecture as much as you want. Once the audio is completed, you will have 10 seconds to prepare your answer and start retelling the lecture you have to listen to. After 10 seconds of preparation time you will see the recording has been started with a beep sound, by then you have to start explaining the lecture. The candidates have 40 seconds to explain their answers. The average number of questions a single candidate will get to answer is 3 to 4 lectures. However, there isn’t any negative marking in the PTE Retell Lecture questions. That means if you explain any one of the questions wrong your previous answers will not be affected.

Guide To Answering Retell Lectures

Most of the candidates feel confident in these questions. There’s are some key tips that can help you become confident in your answers. In PTE Retell Lectures, to get the best out of it, you have to breakdown the answers into 3 different parts;
  • Listening
  • Taking Notes
  • Answering


Well the main part in all the PTE Retell Lectures is to listen to the questions carefully, all your answers will be dependent on your listening skills. If you have missed any of the focusing keywords while listening to the question, you might lose your score in this question type. To Increase your listening abilities you have to build your vocabulary, We recommend reading English newspapers and articles. Other than reading you can listen to the audio to build your vocabulary. that doesn’t mean that listening to songs and music. We recommend listening to TED Talks or BBC News.

Taking Notes

While Pte Speaking and Listening to the Audio clips in PTE Retell Lectures, make sure to take notes in the process. Write down the important focused words such as nouns, or name and animals name. Writing keywords can be a useful trick. While Taking Notes, try to write at least 6 to 7 groups of words or broken sentences. If possible, wrote down the short forms of words or abbreviations such as “technical” as “tech”, “environment” as “Env”, “Information” as “info”. Other than that, do not just write down whatever you listen to. Organize your notes so you don’t get confused while answering. if you writing a number also write its context so you don’t forget what that was about. For Example;
10 10 tons meat
82 82 billion $


After listening to the question and taking the notes of the main keywords, your half of the burden is gone. Now you have to just focus on the notes you have created and retell the lecture you have to listen to before. Make sure to include all the key points and important information you have to listen to and noted. Note that, your score will depend on three different components in PTE retell lectures, so make sure to focus on all three components while delivering your answer. That three components are;
  • Content
  • Pronunciation
  • Fluency


Content delivery is about the implementation of questions such as including the details of lectures, and covering key points is the focus in content. you have to connect the relationships between the topic and things included


using proper pronunciation such as clear Vowel and consonant sounds. Use Appropriate Deletions for example;( ‘and’ often becomes ‘n’ – boys ‘n’ girls). Use proper stress on words and sentences.


Fluency score is based on where you take a pause between the group of words, you have to answer to question without hesitations and try to avoid repetitions.

PTE Retell Lectures Sample Practice Material.