PTE Test Format

About the Test

PTEClasses offers a comprehensive digital assessment of your reading, speaking, listening, and writing abilities. During this two-hour test session, you’ll have the opportunity to thoroughly review your responses, allowing you to identify any weaknesses and make improvements in preparation for the final exam.

Test Format

On the day of your PTE test, as you arrive at the secure Pearson test center, you will be provided with a computer and a headset to facilitate your examination experience. The PTE-Academic Exam is structured into four distinct modules: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Notably, the Speaking and Writing modules are integrated into a single session, while the Listening and Reading modules are divided into two separate sections.

Within these modules, you will encounter a diverse range of question formats, totaling twenty types across all four formats. These questions encompass various tasks, including multiple-choice questions, essay writing, sentence reading, and selecting the correct answers.

One distinctive feature of the PTE test is its grounding in real-life academic and general content. Throughout the examination, you will engage with materials such as graphs, summaries, excerpts, and other items that draw from the world around you. Additionally, the test incorporates both native and non-native accents, akin to the accents commonly heard in movies, television, and everyday conversations, thereby providing a comprehensive assessment of your language skills.