Pte Speaking

PTE Score Chart

PTE Score chart : Understanding How the PTE Exam Is Evaluated

Before embarking on your PTE-Academic Exam journey, it’s imperative to grasp the intricacies of its scoring system. Unlike conventional English-language tests, the PTE employs an integrated scoring methodology. Achieving the perfect PTE score hinges not only on flawless performance but also on a comprehensive comprehension of the scoring framework. Experts advise that, even before attempting […]
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PTE Speaking

Conquering PTE Speaking Describe Image: A Strategic Approach

The Dreaded Task: PTE Speaking Describe Image is often feared among the 20 tasks in the PTE Academic Test. Action Over Fear: Dwelling on your fears without taking action won’t yield results. Remember, “Thinking Will Not Overcome Fear, But Action Will.” Our Mission: We aim to help you overcome your fears regarding the PTE Academic […]
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PTE Retell Lecture


PTE Retell Lectures question type is one of the most weightage tasks in the PTE Speaking module, It also contributes to the PTE listening module. The candidate has to listen to the audio clip provided to him and retell what they have heard in the audio. Sometimes, candidates will be given video lectures or a picture with an audio lecture to explain. Because Pte study guide to all student is perfect for their future.
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PTE Repeat Sentences

PTE Repeat Sentence Tips + Sample Practice Material

In this article, we will discuss PTE Repeat Sentence questions of the PTE Speaking section. Initially, The repeat sentence questions seem pretty easy at first glimpse. However, That’s not the case. The candidate will be provided with an audio clip of a short sentence of 4 to 10 seconds; The candidate has to listen to the audio and repeat the sentence loudly. There can be 10 to 16 words in each sentence.
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Top PTE Read Aloud Tips + Sample Practice Material & Tools

PTE Read Aloud is a test, you will be given one or two sentences on your screen, and you have to read that questions aloud. It integrates PTE Speaking and Reading skills. Most of the candidates find that PTE Read Aloud is the easiest question type in PTE Exam. It is indeed, but if you practice it well. At first, it looks really easy, but when it comes to exam day, this question type puts down your morale when you see difficult words to pronounce. The candidate has 40 seconds to prepare for the questions; Once the beep sound is played candidate must start reading the given passage aloud. One thing to note here is, if the computer detects silence in PTE Read Aloud questions for more than 3 seconds, you will lose marks for that question.
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